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It's been a real long time since I have been on this but I have been real busy and ALOT has been happening.I'm tying to move and get a job,need the money,also trying to get La'Tara in daycare.I'm trying to get into collage too so maybe that instead of daycare so then I can have on site daycare.Anyway I hope to find one soon.It's been real cold lately and I think it may snow again,I hope not.Well that's all I can think of writing now so I will write again when I have time and can think of something to write.

Its been awhile

WOW!!!! it has been awhile since I last up dated my page or wrote in here.Jenna Nique and Isa hi if you read this.Hope Eric had a great wedding,I missed my invitation,it didnt get to my house.Also La'Tara has grown a lil and eats like a hourse still...LOL.Has a big ole belly now.The trip back was better because it took only a day.I was riding in a P.T cruiser and people were giving us the oddest looks,probebly because we looked so young to be in a car so nice.We had fun but got on eachothers nerves too....Any way it snowed again but some days it gets hot like summer.Today its ok,cold but crisp and clear,Dad and Mom would enjoy it because its the type of weather for a joy ride or as mom sometimes says cooking weather.I want summer to hurry up though,LOL.Any way hope to put another entry in here soon and up date the lees on what is going on.Goodbye for now,La'Tara says hi.....


Well Im not going to be able to come down to my parents for Christmas so Im very sad,I wont be able to see my daughter for awhile.There was a BIG blizzerd and about 3 feet a snow and literly to my hip.My back door wasnt opening so It took awhile to even get outside I like the snow but OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!I went out yesterday and almost lost my self.It was fun when It started to melt and now cause Its melting but I wanted to see my other sister I havnt seen in forever and my oldest brother.I miss them all and I cant stand being away from my daughter but I know shes eating safe and In good hands.I hope shes being good for Santa.....Anyway I will be down there In January.and hope to stay for a week If I can.I miss my dads cooking and when I go at least I will be able to give my Christmas presents away.I hope to get a response....JENNA anyway untill next time....


Well I have been doing good but lately I have been feeling sick Im not sure why.I think because Im going to start my period.I have been working of course and it has been snowing alot down here.Its super cold at night now,Im going to start putting up the Christmas stuff,the tree....Anyway Im not sure what else to write but I better get some responses.I hope my daughter is ok...BYE


Well it's my dads birthday and tomorrow I go back to Colorado and start work again monday...I'm happy but i'm not,I am leaving my little La'Tara here with her grandparents...It will be good for her and help her gain weight and grow.I won't tell her dad till I get back.He will have a fit,oh well who really cares about him but himself.I hope to come for about 4 days for Christmas and see what I want to do have La'Tara stay some more and both us move or what..???I'm not sure what I want to do...I will write one more entry before my flight tomorrow EARLY...Untill then

Looooooooong day

Well today was a long boring day,my daughter got sick and threw up over me and her grandma.I go back in a day and half but I decided to let my daughter stay here with my family when I go back.It will be good for her and she hasn't seen her family in a year but I'm coming back for Christmas and may leave her or I may take her back.I'm not sure what I want to do but my family wants me to move down here...I might.I'm about to talk on the phone and get ready for bed cause I don't feel to good and have a huge headache.I'm going to write another entry tomorrow.


Well it has been awhile since I have been able to get to a computer but I got to one...HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!I had a great thanksgiving and ate and ate and ate some more...to the point I got kind of sick...My daughter a year and 5 months now ate herself full too.The flight down was only two hours and she didn't make a noise,very good.I go back to Colorado early Sunday morning.I'm going to miss being here but want to get back to work,for the money.I miss a few people back home...I may move back here but still am thinking about it.I am not sure about alot of things because soooooo much has changed.But a good change.Anyway I feel full and don't have much else to say so I'm going to write an entry tomorrow.Oh I took a walk to a local store with my two sisters because I have never been down here and I had to get a few things but I was wearing a sweater and pants I borrowed from my sister,it was not matching and I looked a fool.Then my hair was a wreak and a couple cute guys walked into the store and man....I felt dumb in those clothes.I also got stuck looking dumb trying to cross the street.Ok bye!!!

Goooooood Morning!!!!!!!!

Its quite early for me but Im on my way to work and wanted to write.Im working at subway now and I don't carve it now that I can have it EVERY day for free......LOL.I dropped La'tara off at daycare and have to be at work at 10 to 5.Im SOOOOOOO tired.Didn't get to relax this weekend.I might go see that saw 3 friday cause I get paid then....Im not sure though.Anyway hopefullt I get a resonse to this entry...untill next time....

It's been SOOOOOOOOO long!!!!!

WOW!!!!! It has been SOOOO long since i've been on this thing but hello to all that I have wrote too and that remember me.Lets see,what has happened.I may have a new job,my daughter is a year and almost 2 months,she's in daycare now.I haven't really bought anything new for my house but hope to move in a bit,to 3 or 4 bed townhome.With a back yard for the dog I hope to get.I also hope to get this job cause I need it SOOOOOOOOOOOO bad!!!I haven't worked for a year and a half.Any way......It's been real cold lately and looks like it will soon snow,I can't wait for Christmas!!!Halloween is good too,don't know what La'Tara is going to be though.....Got to get back home and eat,so look for another entry soon..!!


Well today is Saturday and I am still here,tired but here....My fiance is going to his dads wedding but I kind of wanted to go but if I get invited to a wedding and you know I have a little child AND its cold AND I have to take the bus too,AND get there at a certian time.HAHA you can forget me trying to make it.They must have me mixed up with someone who wants their child sick....NOPE,not me,Im a great mommy,yah go ahead ask her,she will tell you.. : ) Anyway I am just being lazy bought some things for my house and got some birthday pics of my fiance and Halloween pics of my baby devoloped.I hope to see them soon,they are at the 1 hour photo.My boyfriends b-day was on the 27,he now is a grown 20,maybe he will act like it now,(HAHAHAHAH,just kidding)Anyway I wont be having the same problem that I had last time of him having friends over all late and all weekend cause he has things to do and besides,he doesnt know when I will pop up....I will take my shower after I write this and make some cookies,the famous ones I was talking about.I will try and write again tonight or early Sunday...So bye all